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Board | 9.6MB | Update: 2017-10-25 | Version: 2.0 | Requires: Android3.2 or later

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It is a truth that 10,000+ users downloaded Surbaghi latest version on 9Apps for free every week! More functions were added in this app. This hot app was released on 2017-10-25. It is one of the popular Android apps in 2015.
Surbaghi is a two player strategy board game. It is similar to checker, but it has its own power.
The objective of game is to kill all the pieces or block all possible moves of the opponent player.
A player can move single available move or can move single or multiple killing move.
If any player want to cancel it's own house, then, all his pieces must be out of its house. if opponent's house is empty, then, player cannot go inside his house by single move, but he could go inside by killing other's piece.
1) First, player have to create a profile. Provide name and team name and if want to set profile image then he may take photo by camera or upload by gallery.
Note : if you play game in player v player mode, then , current profile pic, name and team name may sent to opponent device. So, be sure you want to set your profile photo or not.
if player create its profile, then, 500 Coins and 30 Gooti will be credits in his account.
If player will create more profile, then, Coins and Gooti value will decreases.
2) If player do not have any profile, then, he will credited only 10 coins and can only be play by cpu. He will not gets benefit of account and feature will be unavailable for him.
3) Coins :
coins are needed to set bet to play with CPU or player.
If player wins, then, double coins and 1 Gooti will be credited to its current profile.
If player lose, then, bet coins will be debited from its current profile.
if player not have any coins, then, he have a chance to earn coins by playing with cpu, in that case player will be credited only 10 coins.
Note: player can play by cpu with or without coin, but betting must set. but if he has no coins the player cannot play with other player
4) Gooti :
Gooti are the cheat which help player to cheat with the opponent.
hint - show you best move
+ player - add a single pieces to any position
+player position - add a single pieces to specific position
alive player - alive last killed player
step back - back 1 step
Note: each cheat have its own cost. when you use any cheat it deduct some Gooti.
Every time you play with player or CPU you record will save in your profile.
6) Bonus :
you can also earn Gooti and coin by purchasing in your store.
7) Offline :
You can play in offline mode with other player in two ways:
I) : Bluetooth :
First both player should be in Bluetooth page.
Then, you can search other player in paired or unpaired list. If not shows, then, click on search..
Note : only one play will connect and other will waits for connection.
II) : Wi-Fi
Player can connect via Wi-Fi simply by click on search button. Both player have to click on search button.
if opponent shows on list, then, connect and play.
8) Online :
player can play with other player in any where in the world via online.
When it comes to the size of this app, I have something to say. This top Board app is just 9.6M. Developed and being maintained by a professional team, this app will service you well. 9Apps also provides other hot Board apps(games) for android mobile phone. This app is one of the Best free Android apps in 2015.

What's new

In app purchase support
modify game user-interface
fix connection via Bluetooth
add some extra features.

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